Funeral Home Based Option

​​​The DMACC Mortuary Science Program funeral home based option is designed for students who are working in a funeral home. Students in the funeral home based option will be required to have a funeral home with which they are affiliated. If you are not employed at a funeral home, it is the responsibility of the student to locate a funeral home at which to complete the requirements. As part of the affiliation, the student will be able to gain practical experiences as required in the program. 

By selecting this option, you will be completing the program with the following provisions: 

  1. Identify a funeral home which will allow you to work with or job shadow a funeral director.
    This ideally would be the funeral home with which you work. Otherwise, you can utilize a funeral home close to your location.

    Here is some Advice on Finding a Funeral Home.
    Here are the ​​​Professional Activities you will complete at the funeral home.​​
    Courses which require a funeral home affiliation:

    MOR 324 – Funeral Home Operations I
    MOR 336 - Embalming I Clinical
    MOR 341 - Embalming II Clinical 
    MOR 941 - Funeral Practicum

  2. ​Identify a funeral director to serve as preceptor. During the orientation process, the student begin the electronic Affiliation Agreement and once completed, it will be forwarded to the Funeral Director for his/her electronic signature.
  3. Exams are required to be proctored through Proctor U or through a college/university Testing Center.
    To see information about the Proctored Services, please visit our Proctored Exam Page.
  4. Take online courses. The "lecture" style material will be taught online.
    Each student must have a computer with internet access available to him/her.
  5. The Mortuary Science Program requires specific activities to be completed at the funeral home with which the student has an affiliation agreement.  While there is no minimum number of hours, you can expect 2-5 hours per week.​​
  6. Meet with the faculty members in Online office hours as announced within course syllabi.
  7. Have access to a webcam, to allow for two-way interaction during a portion(s) of the curriculum.
  8. Complete on-campus residency requirements.

    Be available in Ankeny, Iowa for residency periods during the program.

    Each residency will be 4 to 5 days on campus.

    Tentative Schedule
  9. For students who are completing the course in the online format, DMACC waives out-of-state tuition, effectively cutting the cost of the program in half.

    By accreditation standards, we are required to visit each location where students may be completing activities.  To accomplish this verification process, the student will be required to pay a non-refundable fee for the visit. This fee will be charged as part of the MOR 301 - Introduction to Funeral Service course and is utilized to offset the cost of the visit from the faculty member or anot​her DMACC representative.

Faculty or Program Representative Visits