Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives of the Mortuary Science and Funeral Services Program at DMACC

The central aim of each graduate of the DMACC Mortuary Science Program is to recognize that they are community members who are sensitive to their responsibility for public health, safety, and welfare in caring for human remains. As members of the human services profession, each graduate must be knowledgeable of and compliant with federal, state, and local regulations, as they participate in the relationship between themselves and the bereaved families they serve.

The Mortuary Science Objectives are:

  1. To enlarge the background and knowledge of students about the funeral service profession.
  2. To educate students in every phase of funeral service, and to help enable them to develop the proficiency and skills necessary of the profession.
  3. To educate students concerning the responsibilities of the funeral service profession to the community at large.
  4. To emphasize high standards of ethical conduct.
  5. To provide a curriculum at the post secondary level of instruction.
  6. To encourage research in the field of funeral service.