Mortuary Science Accreditation Required Visit

The accrediting agency, the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE), requires that a program representation visit the funeral home where instruction will be accomplished PRIOR to any instruction. This means a member of the DMACC faculty or another representative not employed by the funeral home, will travel to the funeral home to verify "the location has a valid, current license… are clean and adequate for instructional purposes… The inspection must ensure that appropriate equipment and protocols (drench showed, eye wash station, SDS [formerly MSDS] and blood borne pathogen program, ventilation system, proper protective equipment, etc.) are in place and functioning." To accomplish this, we charge a fee of $250 for each student as they enroll in MOR 301.  For online students this will cover the immediate fee of visiting the funeral home during the first semester. For on-campus students, this fee will cover the cost of travel prior to the Practicum course.

The way the first visit required by accreditation is accomplished is as follows:

  1. For most funeral homes, a DMACC faculty member will come to visit the funeral home at the time when the student is registered for a course requiring a funeral home affiliation.
  2. For some funeral homes, it may be necessary for the program to work with the preceptor to identify a licensed funeral director in your area who can complete the visit.  If this is needed, the program will contact the Preceptor to coordinate the name and contact information of the person to complete the visit.