Funeral Home Based Program Option - Professional Experiences

A DMACC Mortuary Science Student may participate in the following professional activities, provided they are accomplished in the physical presence of a DMACC-approved, licensed funeral director/embalmer and the activities are not prohibited by the state regulatory agency.​

  • Embalming cases;

  • Cosmetic applications;

  • Funerals;

  • Set up Visitations;

  • Transfers of remains​;

  • Cremation processes;

    • Preparation of the deceased for the cremation process

    • Presentation of legal aspects of cremation

    • Transfer of deceased to crematory

  • Preparation of funeral service paperwork including, but not limited to:

    • Death certificates

    • Burial transit permits

    • Social security forms

  • Complete a register book;

  • Complete an obituary / eulogy; and

  • Arrangement conferences​.

*Any activity that does not require a license in the state, may be performed without a funeral director present.

**These activities will only count toward DMACC Mortuary Science coursework when the student is enrolled in a course requiring these activities.​

These activities may be accomplished only after the following are completed and verified by the DMACC Mortuary Science program:

  • The student is admitted and attending the Mortuary Science program;

  • DMACC Affiliation Agreement;

  • Video tour of the funeral home;

  • Hepatitis B vaccination form;

  • Verification of licensure of the Preceptor (funeral director/embalmer) and the funeral establishment (if applicable)

  • If applicable, appropriate state registration (e.g. Enrollment verification, Clinical Card, etc.)​