Distance Learning Policy

The Mortuary Science program of Des Moines Area Community College seeks to insure academic integrity in all courses whether delivered on-campus, online, or in a blended approach. To insure the academic integrity online, all students taking online courses will be required to:

  • participate in an on-campus requirement each semester using this tentative‚Äč schedule;
  • communicate with the college faculty utilizing the email with the learning management system or the dmacc.edu email system (both systems are password protected to insure the privacy of students);
  • participate in at least 1 online office hour per semester (utilizing a system which allows for private chat/video sessions to insure the privacy of students); and
  • take examinations at a proctored location (for those courses which require examinations).

The proctored exams must be taken in a proctored setting, either at the student's home through Proctor U or at an approved Testing Center.

The records of distance learning students are protected in the same manner as that of the college records of students taking courses on-campus, with the following addition. The learning management system utilized for online and web-blended courses is password protected and allows only those students enrolled to gain access to the online / web-blended course material. In addition, the courses are then capable of being saved at the end of each semester, with a copy of the backup file saved on a server where the only access is by the full-time faculty members in the Mortuary Science program.

Des Moines Area Community College has a fee structure for online and web-blended courses which is slightly higher than the fees for traditional courses, and is generally $25 per credit for online and $10 per credit for web-blended courses. To see the exact fee for each course, please visit the DMACC college catalog or the DMACC website (www.dmacc.edu). The total fee differential is approximated in the Mortuary Science Program Information Brief which is available on the website. In addition, if students utilize an exam proctor other than DMACC and the proctor charges a fee for the proctor services, the student is responsible for bearing the cost of those proctor fees.