Student Testimonials

Ben Rosenthal

Fashion/Design AAS

Two favorite classes that certainly prepped me and were most exciting to participate in during my two years at DMACC were Visual Merchandising and Fashion Coordination and Promotion. My day-to-day job currently involves both of these classes and what I learned in them daily. I'm constantly thinking back to those notes that I took and using that as my advantage to get ahead.

The class sizes' being small was certainly helpful in the education and teaching. You get so much more one-on-one time with all of your professors in that sort of environment and additionally, your relationships with classmate's increases greatly. Some of my classmates at DMACC are still some of my best friends.

From the moment I started in the Fashion/Design program the New York Study Tour was the only trip I wanted to go on and I can't express how important it is to go on it. I've lived in New York City now for little over two and half years and would be lying if I said that, that trip did not prep me.

I am forever grateful for the education that I received from DMACC. It preps you for real life scenarios and gives you the knowledge and what you need to know prior to moving out and into “job mode.”


William (Bill) Little

Management AAS
Human Resource Management Certificate
Sales Certificate

The most beneficial part of the management program has been, learning and developing my leadership skills and having the chance to meet different students from different walks of life and being able to work together. The instructors were and continue to be very encouraging, they truly want to see you succeed and be the best that you can be. I had some awesome instructors who believed in me and encouraged me to take on leadership roles and positions. I've had a chance to learn how to network effectively and improve my communication skills.

Being President of the Management club allowed me an opportunity to work with my fellow peers on some great projects like the food drive and the Susan B Komen race for the cure. We learned the importance of working on group projects and working in teams and volunteering.  These are some key things that recruiters and companies are looking for in today's work place.

I feel the class room size was great you actually had an opportunity to get to know each one of your classmates and the instructor on a one-on-one basis. The class room culture is friendlier, more personal and accommodating.

My most memorable moments in my program were; field trips, guest speakers, and volunteering activities. We took trips to Kansas City and Chicago, where we visited businesses and learned what they did and what they were looking for from future potential employees. I also had the fun getting to know fellow classmates.


Tyler Osby  

Marketing AAS
Retailing Diploma
Retailing Certificate

At DMACC, instructors were accessible and sincerely cared about your success in the classroom. The smaller classes also allowed you to really get to know your peers, allowing me to build what are now lifelong friendships.

My favorite classes were the sales classes. I also enjoyed the project work; it helped me get much better at working in small groups, managing the different personalities.  This was my early education in networking. In business, it's not always what you know, it's who you know.

I was encouraged to run for a leadership role in the Marketing club and it pushed me
WAY outside of my comfort zone. After doing it, it really helped me get past the fear of failure and just going for it.


Gillian Hubler

Fashion AAS

After high school I thought I was ready for a big University and I obviously wanted to get out of my parents' house. I ended up at DMACC and in the Fashion program by chance. I truly believe if my experience at DMACC never happened, I would not be in the Fashion industry and I would not be in London. I am so grateful for how things worked out.

The most beneficial part of the Fashion program is how interested the instructors are in your development as a student and as a person in the industry. They have a love for teaching and that shows in every lecture. They inspired me, made me think in a different way, and encouraged me more than I think they know. 

The classroom environment is the best! Instructors encourage team work, classmates were supportive of each other, and I was truly happy about going into every class I took while in the Fashion program. Each lecture was interesting and fun. The instructors for the Fashion, Marketing, and Management Courses are amazing teachers, role models, and friends who I have still kept in touch with still after graduation.

The class size was great, I felt like everyone got the attention they needed. ALL of the instructors had an open door policy and were available to talk about class issues as well as give life advice.

The most memorable moment of the Fashion course was the amazing study trips. Although I was not able to go on the New York trip, I was lucky to of had the opportunity of going to Kansas City and Chicago. Both trips were very beneficial. We had the chance to visit amazing companies, meet professionals in the industry, and were able to get an inside look into jobs and companies that we didn't know existed.

I am currently in my final year of my Bachelor's Degree at the University of Westminster in London, England, where I am studying Fashion Buying Management.
DMACC prepared me in many ways. The confidence I had to be able to apply, interview, and move to another country had a lot to do with the Instructors of the Fashion program. With their encouragement, advice for my CV and cover letter, and constant excitement for my future inspired me to work hard and push the boundaries of what I thought was originally possible. I have lived in London now for almost three years and I have stopped by DMACC to see these amazing instructors each time I visit home.


Chase Haselhoff

Management AAS
Human Resource Management Certificate

The classes are excellent! All my instructors were very knowledgeable. The classroom sizes were great. You were able to have a one-on-one connection with your professors allowing you to feel more open and willing to participate in classes.

The biggest thing that has been beneficial to me and that I have taken from my DMACC education is simply getting out of your comfort zone. Get out there and try things that maybe you wouldn't have. My professors always talked about getting out of our box. They didn't only preach this to us, but they lived by it as well.

Networking! Not only was it a lot of fun when we all got together, but you got to meet great friends who all bring different characteristics. Being able to talk with many different people helps “break the ice” when meeting with homeowners, homebuilders, and just other contractors, in my current job.

My most memorable moment was volunteering with the Urbandale Caring Corps. It was   a lot of fun hanging out with friends all day, but nothing will ever replace the feeling I got when the people in need thanked you with a big smile on their face. It was amazing how grateful these people were just by doing small tasks with them. One of my professors said it best; “The first time you volunteer you do it because you were told to.  After that you do it because you WANT to.”

Again, classes are great with excellent instructors giving you the best opportunity to grow as an individual. You get this bond with all your DMACC classmates and professors that I feel you wouldn't get anywhere else.


Emily Miska

Marketing AAS

Obtaining a Marketing degree at DMACC gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a great career in the field. The course of study was well-balanced, thorough, and manageable for someone working part time and in school full time.

Because of the small class size and one-on-one attention provided by the instructors at DMACC, I received the specialized attention and guidance I needed to succeed in the classes I took. The instructors truly care about the students and it shows - even years after I graduated, I still feel connected to the school. The instructors understood the value of encouraging a fun, positive environment for the students and made learning a great experience.

The highlights of my Marketing experience at DMACC were the Study Tours - these fun trips made what we were learning in class tangible and allowed us to see what a career in Marketing could look like.

I would absolutely refer others to pursue Marketing at DMACC! It was the best decision I made and has served me very well in my professional career. The education I received was affordable but positioned me perfectly to enter into the professional world.


Katie Timm-Moore

Management AAS

In general, the management course study helped me explore different methods of management.  The flexible class schedule allowed me to take full-time class credits while also working full-time. Having that on my resume has been invaluable for speaking to my ability to work hard and multi-task.

The study tours were a blast!  We went to Chicago and Minneapolis. It was great to see inside the big businesses and see examples of good corporate culture. For me, spending time with people I normally wouldn't was fun too. 
 I recommend DMACC constantly! It costs less; you get a great education and can be a great start to furthering your education for a four year degree.


Jill Acheson

Fashion/Design AAS

I can honestly say, every course I took for my program has helped me grow as a person and a professional. My favorite course that I gained the most valuable knowledge was the Textile and Buying courses. Being in retail it is vital to know the backbone of your industry and these two courses laid the foundation of the knowledge I use every day.

The Fashion Design Club has helped me in my career by exposing me to so many possibilities in the industry. The study tours opened my eyes to a huge range of career choices while the small groups gave me instant connections.

I believe the small class sizes gave me an advantage as a student to gain more one-on-one time with my professors and to build valuable relationships with peers and professors that I still maintain today.

The most memorable moments of my program would be the study tours, specifically the New York Trip. I cannot put a price on the experiences I encountered on our trips. I was introduced to the "real world" and real employers that offered valuable advice to help me narrow my career path. I also gained lifelong friends throughout my journey. 

I greatly benefited from the relationships I built with my professors. I found a group of teachers that genuinely cared about my success and offered direction and advice to help me along in my career. Today I maintain a connection with my professors to provide internships to students who want to pursue a career in fashion.

I continued my education at Grandview University and received my Bachelor Degree in Service Management. DMACC set the bar high and set a solid foundation to help me finish my degree.


Sherri Goering

Fashion/Design AAS
Marketing AAS
Sales & Management Diploma
Interior Design Consultant Certificate

I am able to apply every part of my education at DMACC into my career. The personal relationships I formed with instructors during my time at DMACC were possible because of the class size and openness of the instructors.

I did a fashion internship in London for three months and it truly shaped that time period in my life. I experienced Fashion Week in London, as well as, worked hand in hand with a designer. I will cherish those memories for the rest of my life.

I learned the power of being who I am and was able to overcome my tremendous public speaking anxiety. I now speak to groups of people in my profession with confidence and ease!

I believe that my education, friendships, networking and professional opportunities created from my time at DMACC will last a lifetime.


Eric Dunkerson

Management AAS

I would have to say the time I have spent at DMACC has been an amazing experience.  I am so glad I didn't decide to go on to a four year university to start with, not just the lower cost, but the all the conveniences , smaller diverse class sizes, the personalization, one-on-ones with the amazing professors, not to mention all the different times for each class. 
The study tours for my management classes were so much fun and educational.
Although I didn't start attending right after high school I have matured and been inspired by the time I have been at DMACC.   I really feel like I am being prepared for the major I am in, and the career I want, by the classes I have taken and the stories and shared experiences from the instructors.


Marlys Adrian

Sales and Management Diploma
Interior Design Consultant Certificate

I was a student who returned to college to make a career change after many years of working as a Registered Nurse.

Overall, I had a wonderful time returning to college.  I could easily say these were two of the most enjoyable years of my life.  It was exciting to me to learn new skills and I found the classes to be very lively with discussion.  The class sizes at DMACC enabled each student to have the opportunity to do well.  I felt all my instructors were extremely qualified and made each class interesting and varied.  They encouraged all of us to think for ourselves and come up with new solutions to problems. 

I took my Internship at the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce very seriously and it was a great “hands on” learning experience with the Event Planner that was invaluable.  It also exposed me to City Government which has made it much easier to deal with all the State and Federal Government and Legislative bodies that I have regular interaction with in my current job.

Some of my most memorable moments were taking the class study trips to both Minneapolis and Chicago.  It was a wonderful exposure to various businesses and their inner workings.  These trips were also a great opportunity to get to know many students better and to interact with the instructors in a relaxed manner.

I would recommend an education at DMACC to anyone who is looking to improve and expand their education, prepare them for the work world and do it with reasonable tuition!


Julie Van Cleave

Management AAS
Marketing AAS
Sales and Management Diploma
Interior Design
Consultant Certificate
Supervision/Sales Certificates

Coming back to school after working for so many years was daunting at first.  It was the best decision I ever made.  I feel better qualified and more confident as I pursue my next career.

There was no doubt in my mind that I would grow academically by going back to DMACC, because of my prior experience attending years ago.  What took me by surprise was how much I grew as an individual personally which I can only attribute to my instructors.  They truly care about their students and will do all they can to see that they succeed.

All the instructors in the management programs truly love what they do.  Their enthusiasm is contagious.  I look forward to coming to class every day. 

My experience the last two years exceeded my expectations.  I had great internships, made new friends, and had a blast on the study tours.


Erin Martin

Management AAS

I was a little afraid of going back to school since I work full-time, am married, and have five children.

The teachers have been so helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable.  I have now completed four semesters on online classes.  They are as convenient for me as I am able to do my work after the kids go to bed or during my lunch break throughout the week. 

Summer semester was my first classroom course since high school.  My nerves and uncomfortableness was put at ease almost immediately after my first management internship class.  The instructor made class fun and all the students, traditional and non-traditional got along so well. 

The study tour to Chicago was a blast! 


Lyndsey Braland

Management AAS
Human Resource Management Certificate

I feel that the smaller size of classes, allowed a more personal level with the instructors. I enjoyed how equal all the instructors were with the students. I believe that each teacher was willing go to an extra mile if I was struggling with something or had a question.

The highlight of my Management degree was the study tours to Minneapolis and Chicago. I loved how we were able to learn from the speakers, along with being on our own and having some fun to meet students in the other programs.

Every day I think back to what my management courses taught me as far as what being a leader means, and what it takes to go beyond your comfort zone.  One thing that really stands out is not being afraid to step outside your comfort zone. I remember all the instructors I had would mention that quite frequently.

When it became time to sign up to be elected towards part of the Management Club Officers role, I never really saw myself contributing or wanting to take that extra step. Once I thought more about it and talked to students that were a part of it in years past, I decided it was something that I needed to do and would be a memorable experience, along with looking good on my resume.


Dallas Moore

Management AAS
Marketing AAS
Sales and Management Diploma
Retailing/Sales/Supervision Certificates

I think the opportunity to learn. The ability to find an industry that I didn't know existed before. The creative field (advertising, marketing) were not something that I was exposed to before DMACC. It opened my eyes the careers and an industry that has become more than a passion for me. 

For me, the biggest thing was having the ability and opportunity to be put into real situations. We had to learn to think on our feet and instantly build a relationship.  Having the ability to begin building a relationship with someone is important, no matter what job or industry. Both have been key to my success after DMACC.
Advertising was one class I felt offered a great deal. We had a project of taking a baseball team where we created a name and built a brand. Working with a team of students, we presented this to the class. It was a way to think independently and within a group. It offered an experience to pitch a business and an idea, which is something I do almost daily now.

I gained so much real experience while in college.  The smaller classes allow for easier access to the instructors and fellow students. Having people on both sides to help and encourage you is something that still amazes me about DMACC. If a student does not learn like other students, DMACC might be just what they need. If a student is looking to get out into the world and make their mark, DMACC is a great place to start. I feel that I gained everything I needed at DMACC, and because of my education, was able to learn the rest at my speed. I learned how to learn and what I wanted to learn about because of DMACC.


Mallory Vanderlinden-Wells

Management AAS
Human Resource Management Certificate

I would highly recommend anyone, which I often do, to DMACC.  For a high school senior not knowing what she wanted to do after high school, I feel that I made the right choice in choosing Management, for college career. The Marketing and Management department has a very warm welcoming feeling and your instructors truly want to see you succeed. They want to prepare you for your future whether it is to a four year school or out into the working field.

I loved the small class sizes. I feel like I really got to know my instructors and have been able to maintain a relationship with them since graduation. I didn't want to go to a big school after doing college visits and seeing the enormous class sizes. That just wasn't a fit for me. With the small class sizes I feel that I was able to connect with my fellow class mates. It felt like they were part of my family. We celebrated great accomplishments and found success in each other. 

The Management club helped me get out of my box and really express myself. I love being able to strike up conversation with anyone I meet. Before I would always wait for someone else to make the first attempt to talk. Being in the club and pursuing a leadership role has helped my fear of speaking tremendously. I have never been a fan of speaking in front of people but now I LOVE it.

As many may say the class trips were part of my favorite! This was a chance to get to know your class mates even better and experience once in a life time tours of facilities. These tours helped you get a behind the scenes look at how businesses are operated. It really opened my eyes to what all goes into making a business a successful operating machine.