The purpose of the Management certificate is to provide the currently employed person in business with broad knowledge of the principles of management and business functions. Human relations and communication skills necessary for recognition and appointment to successive levels of management are also provided. This certificate is also beneficial to people currently employed in management who wish to upgrade and improve chances for further promotion.

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Course Number Course Name Credits
Required Courses
MGT130 Principles of Supervision 3
MGT101 Principles of Management 3
BUS102 Intro to Business 3
BUS185 Business Law I 3
CSC110 Intro to Computers 3
Option Courses - Select 1 Course from each Option
BUS150 E-Commerce on the Web Opt 1 3
MKT145 Sales Management Opt 1 3
MGT115 Administrative Management Opt 1 3
MKT115 Business-to-Business Marketing Opt 1 3
MKT160 Principles of Retailing Opt 1 3
BUS148 Small Business Management Opt 1 3
ACC131 Principles of Accounting I Opt 2 4
ACC111 Intro to Accounting Opt 2 3
ENG105 Composition I Opt 3 3
COM703 Communication Skills Opt 3 3
MGT145 Human Relations in Business Opt 4 3
PSY111 Intro to Psychology Opt 5 3
BUS112 Business Math Opt 5 3
MAT141 Finite Math Opt 5 4
Total credits required to complete this certificate 30

These credits are applicable to the AAS degree in Management and the AAS degree in Marketing.