Why should I consider a DMACC Management, Marketing or Fashion/Design degree?

DMACC has a great reputation for providing skilled workers in many career fields. Our degrees provide students a well-rounded experience in a tight-knit department community. You get a chance to connect with peers and faculty through program clubs, community involvement and field study trips to places like Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago and New York.

Are internships a part of my program?

The Management AAS degree includes one summer internship. The Marketing and Fashion/Design AAS degrees include one summer internship and one internship during the fall or spring. Internships give our students great hands-on experience to coincide with classroom learning. They also contribute to enhanced job training and skill development for post-graduate career success.

What is the difference between an AA degree and an AAS degree?

An AA degree is Associate in Arts. AAS stands for Associate in Applied Sciences. The Management and Marketing programs offer both two-year associate's degree types. The AAS is a technical degree which is most appropriate for graduates looking for immediate entry into the career field. The AA degree is specifically designed for students looking to transfer into a four-year program. It includes more general education coursework and a handful of program-specific classes.

Can I transfer to a four-year school with an AAS degree?

You can definitely transfer to a four-year college or university with any of the AAS degrees. We have several formal articulation agreements with area colleges, which allow for a smooth transition from our programs into a bachelor program of study. Look at our “Transfer” page for more details.

Can I double major?

A double major within the Management, Marketing and Fashion/Design programs is fairly common, especially for students looking to strengthen their education and skills for greater career opportunities. In many cases, a student who works with a faculty advisor early to plan a course of study can complete a double major within our department with just one additional semester of full-time course work.

What type of background do the faculty members in the Marketing and Management Department possess?

All full-time faculty in the department hold advanced degrees related to their fields. Additionally, each faculty member has years of professional or industry experience, which provides for valuable in-class examples related to concepts and terms. Our department also has a strong group of adjunct instructors with great business and industry experience.