One of the requirements for admission to the Interpretation and Translation (ITR) program is to complete the ITR online program information orientation including the survey. The ITR program website you are viewing contains all of the information you need to complete the orientation and survey. You should review all of the information in this website first. Then, if you have any questions, please contact either the ITR Program Advisor at nmstepletonhardin@dmacc.edu (for questions about admissions, registration, or course scheduling) or the ITR Program Chair at ppiper@dmacc.edu (for questions about the content of the courses).

Once you feel that all of your questions have been answered, you can take the ITR Program Orientation Survey.You can submit your completed survey regardless of the number of questions you answer correctly, but we encourage you to repeat the survey until you get all 10 questions correct. After you submit the survey, a notification will be sent to the ITR Program Advisor that you have completed this requirement.