Application Process

All ITR programs begin in the Fall term. The Judiciary, Human Services, and Business ITR programs begin in the fall term of odd-numbered years; for example, Fall 2009. The Healthcare and Education ITR programs begin in the fall of even-numbered years; for example, Fall 2010.

Students interested in entering the ITR program should begin the application process as soon as possible, so that any prerequisites or proficiency requirements that need to be met can be taken care of in plenty of time before the program begins. All applications should be completed no later than mid-summer before the program begins.

Applications to DMACC are available online. If you have had prior college studies, please have copies of your college transcripts sent to DMACC. If you have prior college or university studies from a foreign institution, your transcripts may need to be translated and evaluated for U.S. equivalents. Contact the DMACC Admissions Department at 515-965-7337 or 1-800-362-2127 ext. 7337 if you have questions about your transcripts from a foreign institution. Be sure to identify yourself as an applicant to the ITR program so that you will be referred to the right specialist.