Judiciary ITR AAS Degree Sequencing

The first three terms are the general ITR courses and are the same regardless of the program emphasis.


Course #Course NameCredits
Term 1 (Fall odd-numbered years)
ITR 101 Introduction to Interpretation and Translation3
ITR 102 Tools for the Interpreter and Translator3
Core Courses6-9
Term 2 (Spring even-numbered years)
ITR 103 Fundamentals of Interpretation3
ITR 104 Fundamentals of Translation3
Core Courses6-9
Term 3 (Summer even-numbered years)
ITR 109 Interpretation/Translation Ethics I3
ITR 910 Emphasis Seminar3
Term 4 (Fall even-numbered years)
ITR 291 Judiciary Terminology & Sight Translation3
ITR 293 Judiciary Interpretation I3
Core Courses/Elective Course6-9
Term 5 (Spring odd-numbered years)
ITR 294 Judiciary Interpretation II3
ITR 297 Judiciary Translation3
Core Courses / Elective Course (if not already taken)6-9
Term 6 (Summer odd-numbered years)
ITR 891 Judiciary Interpretation/Translation Internship3
ITR 209 Interpretation/Translation Ethics II3
(Any core courses still remaining)0-3
TOTAL Credits for Associate in Applied Science Degree64