"DMACC opened my eyes to a whole new world. It opened the door for not only professional success but also an extreme amount of personal growth that could not have been achieved any other way."
- Brandy Stephen, CFI

"The human services program at DMACC is an amazing program. The program helps you get prepared for this field. The instructors are all very helpful and all have had jobs in the field. I learned so much in the classes I have taken here at DMACC. I am more prepared now for the human services field, since I have been in the human service program. DMACC is also preparing me to transfer to UNI to get a degree in Social Work. The Human Services program here at DMACC is an amazing program, and I would recommend it to anyone."
- Kendee

"I recommend this program to anyone who is a people person and is open-minded about all different cultures. I came from a community that's not very diverse. Now, being in this program, I've grown as a person by becoming more open-minded, plus it gives me a chance to help improve other's lives."

- Amy Grossnickle

"I've had very good experiences with the human services and Chemical Dependency Certificate program offered at DMACC. I was initially a criminal justice major, but quickly realized that Criminal Justice was not a "helping profession" in my opinion, but Human Services is. I enjoy this type of work and experience. I feel as though I have gotten a lot from my education, experience, and internship."
- Jennifer Fisher