Healthcare Simulation

​​Simulated clinical experiences are an integral component of the Nursing, Paramedic, and Respiratory programs at DMACC.

S​imulated clinical experiences provide DMACC Health and Public Services students with a controlled, realistic environment to help develop the critical thinking, communication, and clinical skills essential to providing safe competent patient care.

Students participate in simulated clinical experiences with simulation manikins and/or standardized participants.

Simulation manikins provide access to a wide age range of "patients," from infants to elderly and​ can be programmed to display symptoms of various illness and conditions. These real-life simulators breathe, speak, and have realistic lung, heart and bowel sounds.

Standardized participants at DMACC are volunteers who portray a patient or a patient’s family member to assist students to hone communication skills.

DMACC Simulation Center

Located at the DMACC Capitol Center in Des Moines, the DMACC Simulation Center is a 4,745 square foot facility that consists of 5 simulation rooms each representing different healthcare settings:

  1. Medical surgical
  2. Newborn nursery
  3. Pediatric
  4. Critical care
  5. Home setting

The DMACC Simulation Center has eight (8) simulation manikins.​

DMACC healthcare students and healthcare professionals in our communities participate in simulation learning experiences at the DMACC Healthcare Simulation Center.

DMACC Healthcare Simulation Center Fact Sheet

DMACC Satellite Simulation Laboratories

DMACC Nursing Program has Satellite Simulation Laboratories located on the Boone and Carroll campuses. Both satellite simulation laboratories are designed and equipped to represent adult/pediatric medical-surgical rooms.

  • The Boone Satellite Simulation Laboratory has three (3) simulation manikins.
  • The Carroll Satellite Simulation Laboratory has four (4) simulation manikins.

For more information about simulation at DMACC see ​​the DMACC Simulation manual.​
​To arrange a tour at any of our simulation facilities contact the ​Health and Public Services/Nursing Simulation Coordinator.



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