Capstone Events

​​​​​​​Each Fall and Spring semester DMACC students from multiple programs and campuses participate in a large scale (capstone) simulation learning event.

The specific purpose of the capstone event is to provide a unique opportunity for students from specific DMACC health and public services programs to hone discipline specific communication, collaborative, prioritization, and critical thinking skills.

The Fall capstone simulation event takes place in a hospital that is experiencing a blackout during a massive winter storm.

Students work together to provide care for patients in a hospital functioning on only one small generator. The limited power creates challenges to provide patient care in a technology driven healthcare system.

The Spring capstone event is a multiple victim motor vehicle accident and receiving emergency room.

Students work together to treat the victims at the accident scene and transport them to the emergency room for further assessment and treatment.


Learn more about DMACC's first Spring capstone event in 2017.