Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often is the paramedic course offered?

A: Once per academic year beginning in the fall semester. ​

Q: How long is the paramedic course?
A: 12 calendar months over the course of 3 consecutive semesters.

Q: How often does the paramedic course meet?
A: The program is divided into fall semester, spring semester, and summer term. The days/times during the fall semester are Monday thru Friday mornings from 9:00 am-12:00 pm and Tuesday thru Thursday afternoons from 1:00 pm-3:50 pm. During the spring semester, classes meet during the same days/times, with the exception of Fridays when there will be no class. The summer term is scheduled for two mornings per week during the first five week session and one morning per week during the second five week session.

Q: How many clinical/field internship hours are required?
A: Students are required to complete 276 hours of clinical internship and 275 hours of field internship. These are started in the middle of the spring semester.

Q: When is the application deadline?
A: There is no application deadline.

Q: What are the minimum requirements needed to apply?
A: There are no minimum requirements to apply. However, there are several pre-requisites that must be met prior to acceptance into the program. The pre-requisites can be found at the following link:

Q: Is the DMACC Paramedic Program Accredited?
A: The Des Moines Area Community College Paramedic Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (

To contact CAAHEP:
Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
1361 Park Street
Clearwater, FL 33756

2017 Facts and Figures:
First-Time Pass Rate NREMT Exams: Practical - 100%, Written - 95.5%
Job Placement Rate: 100%
Retention Rate: 78.9%

Q: If I have a current EMT-Basic certification from a state other than Iowa, will that meet admission requirements?
A: No. A current state of Iowa EMT-Basic certification is required prior to acceptance into the program. You can receive more information on reciprocity by contacting the Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of EMS. Their phone number is #1-866-227-9878

Q: Do I get college credits for completing the paramedic course?
A: Yes. You will receive 46 credits for successful completion of the EMT-Paramedic certificate course. Successful completion of the AAS course is worth additional 22-26 credits.

Q: I already have my EMT-Paramedic certification and would like to enroll in the AAS program. Or, I would like to get started in the AAS program before the certificate program. Is this possible?
A: Yes. You can contact a DMACC academic advisor and they can assist you with this process

Q: How much does the course cost?
A: DMACC tuition is $146​ per credit hour for Iowa residents, $312 per credit hour for non-Iowa residents. Additional fees for the EMT-Paramedic program include textbooks, uniforms, background/immunization checks, and lab fees that will cost approximately $500.

Q: How do I apply to the program?
A: If you are not currently enrolled at DMACC, your first step is to apply for admission to the college. If you're a current DMACC student, you'll need to complete a Change of Program form. Directions on how to do either of these can be found at the DMACC Admissions website at: Please note: Even though a student has applied for the program they are not accepted into the course until they have successfully met all of the pre-requisites.

Q: I still need to take the EMT-Basic class. How do I find out more information?
A: Please visit​

Q: Which immunizations are required?
A: You must provide documentation of immunity against mumps, measles, rubella (MMR), hepatitis B (a 3-shot series), diphtheria, tetanus, varicella, influenza, and proof that a tuberculosis skin test has been done within the last calendar year. These immunizations must be completed prior to any clinical/field internship rotations.

Q: Does the program provide liability coverage, i.e., malpractice insurance?
A: Yes. DMACC provides liability coverage throughout the course for your lab work, field and clinical rotations.

Q: How many students are selected each year?
A: The maximum number of students accepted into each class is 24. Admission into the program is on a first-come, first-served basis for those individuals who have met the program's pre-requisites.

Q: Do I need to be affiliated with an EMS service to get into the program?
A: No.

Q: Does the DMACC EMT-Paramedic program allow students to “place out” of specified didactic, clinical, or field requirements?
A: No.

Q: I'd like to speak with an academic advisor about the EMT-Paramedic program. Who can I contact?
A: Sheri Husak is the academic advisor for the EMT-Paramedic program. She can be reached at (515) 964-6467 or at

Q: How do I contact the instructor for more information?
A: The best way to contact the instructor is via email at He can also be reached at (515) 965-7051​.