Coaching Authorization/Coaching Endorsement

​​​​​​Fitness Sports Management:

Coaching Authorization Class
February 22-24 and March 1-3, 2019
April 5-7 and 12-14, 2019
ANKENY DMACC, Bld.​ 24, Room 201​

Con​tinuing Education Option

Coaching Authorization can be obtained by successful completion of four required courses, which are offered as an all-inclusive class. This class is set up for two consecutive weekends, and includes the minimum 55 hours required by the Board of Educational Examiners.

After successful completion of the two-weekend class, all the forms (application for coaching authorization, transcripts, all background check forms) and the required fees should be sent to the Board of Educational Examiners as a complete package.

The background check forms that must be submitted with the Application for Coaching includes a waiver, fingerprint card and fingerprinting instructions, and instruction for criminal history record check procedures. These forms will be provided in class, or can be obtained by contacting the Board of Educational Examiners at 515-281-3483. 


Credit Option

Four Required Classes for Coaching Authorization:

  1. Developmental Psychology (PSY 121)
    The study of factors that affect human development from conception to death, with emphasis on topics such as physical, cognitive and social changes, methods of study and current issues.
    Recommend PSCY 101 be taken prior to this course - 3 credits
  2. Theory of Coaching (PEC 110)
    Theory of Coaching gives students a foundation in coaching to build upon. Basic principles and techniques will be introduced. Positive coaching philosophies, general coaching principles, ethics and sports management will be discussed - 1 credit
  3. Intro to Athletic Training (PET 110)
    Entry level course designed to introduce the potential coach or athletic trainer to the field of athletic training. Basic care and prevention of athletic injuries will be dealt with in order to equip the coach or trainer with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions regarding common athletic injuries - 2 credits

AND One of the following:

General Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 164)
A classic integration of human anatomy and physiology at the cellular level and organ/system level. Includes cat dissection Prerequisite: HS biology and HS chemistry or equivalent - 5 credits

Health Science Anatomy (BIO 733)
Offers the student basic concepts in human anatomical structure with relation to body functions. The course covers all major body systems with emphasis on structure. The accompanying lab will reinforce lecture with cat dissection. Prerequisite: HS biology and HR chemistry or equivalent - 3 credits

Health Science Physiology (BIO 734)
Detailed human physiology of the nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary and endocrine systems. Designed for the health science major. Prerequisite: BIOL 133 or 154 - 3 credits

Anatomy & Physiology I (BIO 168)
Anatomy and Physiology I covers that structure and function of the human body from the cellular level to organ systems. Topics at the cellular level include the fundamental basics of chemistry, cell structure and cellular metabolism, genetics, and histology. - 3 credits

For more information on Coaching Authorization, download this brochure or contact Jennifer Spry-Knutson at or 515-433-5205.

Go beyond your coaching authorization

If you are looking for a degree option, check our AS Degree in Fitness and Sports Management. This degree is a transfer degree, designed to prepare students for a 4-year degree. Graduates from the program may also be able to find entry-level positions at parks and recreation departments, YMCA/YWCA's private health clubs, golf courses, schools or other facility management positions.

This program will provide you with a background in Economics, Nutrition, Accounting, Science and so much more.​​