Written Testing

​​The National Firefighter Selection Inventory™ (NFSI™) is a national entry-level examination tool that was engineered specifically to select qualified individuals for service as firefighters throughout the country.

A fundamental aspect of the NFSI™ is that its testing platform is an alternative to conventional firefighter written entrance examinations.

Utilizing a compensatory model, the NFSI™ assesses not only individuals’ cognitive ability, but also their behavioral predispositions.

This alternative testing model is well suited to predict success for all entry-level firefighter positions and to be in strict compliance with all federal, state and local testing guidelines and regulations.

The exam a pass/fail and hiring is not based on scores.

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The written exam requires creating a login account with IO Solutions using the following link: https://iosolutions.com/membership-login/

This must be done prior to taking the exam at DMACC.

In addition, you must register to take the exam by clicking here.

​Tests are administered at:

DMACC Ankeny Campus Testing Center
2006 S. Ankeny Blvd
Building 6, Room 23
Ankeny, IA

For Hours of Operation:

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