DMACC Environmental Science Program

DMACC Environmental Science Degree studentThe DMACC Environmental Science program is designed to prepare students for a career within the field of environmental science. Students graduating from our two-year program will be immediately qualified for some related employment opportunities, including entry-level positions with local parks and recreation departments, local utilities and field technician/ monitoring positions.

Other careers in environmental science include positions as ecologists, environmental chemists, soil scientists, hydrologists, climatologists, environmental microbiologists, data collection/ sampling/monitoring/field technician positions, wildlife biologists, public health officials and many others. Most of these positions require a four-year degree. Our program is designed to transfer smoothly to area institutions offering four-year degrees in environmental science and other closely related fields.

Location: Ankeny, Boone, Urban

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Student Testimonial

Aaron Heuss

​Aaron Heuss

Liberal Arts With Emphasis in Environmental Science '17
I have met with and taken classes with a wonderful group of professors at DMACC who I have come to admire and view as friends. This was possibly because of the smaller class sizes which was a major deciding factor for me because I wanted to have discussions and not feel like just another number. The two years I have been at DMACC have truly been a wonderful experience and have gone by way too fast.