DMACC Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Learn more about entrepreneurship from local business owners in the TV series DMACC Innovators and Entrepreneurs. We'd love to hear from Iowa's innovators and entrepreneurs. If you have an idea that you'd like to pitch on our show or you know of a business we should feature, contact Vada Grantham at 515-964-6348 or

2015 Series

Blue Compass


Problems and Solutions


Intellectual Property


Next Level Ventures


Business Tips with Vada Grantham


Summary with Vada Grantham


Williams Machine Shop


Revelations Research Solutions


Business Incubator


Legendary Rye


Greater Des Moines Partnership


Market Research


Soundcap Technology


Spotlight on Seneca Companies


Spotlight on ReWall


Spotlight on AgVision


2014 Series 

Spotlight on DellaViti


Spotlight on Ingamix


Spotlight on Keystone Manufacturing


Spotlight on Open Auger


Spotlight on Triplett Companies


Advice From Entrepreneurship Chair Vada Grantham


Wrap-Up with Vada Grantham




2013 Series

Spotlight on Accumold


Spotlight on Creme Cupcake & Dessert


Spotlight on Substance Architecture


How to make your idea a business


DMACC Student and Alums

Win $10,000 for Your Business in the DMACC Foundation Entrepreneurship Competition. These videos give you more information on the competition. Visit the DMACC Entrepreneurship Competition website for details.


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