Apprenticeship Program and Classroom Training Registered by the U.S. Dept of Labor.

  • ​Earn an Electrical Trades Diploma while beginning an Electrician Apprenticeship.
  • An apprenticeship program, sponsored by the DMACC Electrical Trades Program, registered with the U.S. Department of labor and recognized by the Iowa Electrical Examination Board (IEEB) is available for qualified students when coordinated with participating, area non-union electrical contractors.
  • Currently a 4 year Electrician Apprenticeship Program is available.
  • We will be adding residential and Electrical maintenance occupations to our U.S. DOL apprenticeship standards if the need arises for local contractors and Commercial/Industrial facilities.
  • For students seeking an Electrical trades education and diploma, but are considering a career path with other Non-Union or Union apprenticeship programs, inquire about how an Electrical Trades Diploma would apply.
  • ​Please see Professors/Contacts for questions regarding apprenticeships.​