Classroom Descriptions

​​The Rainbow Room: 8 Weeks-Two Years Old

Rainbow Room  

​ Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room provides a warm, intimate setting for our infants. We follow the PITC philosophy (Click to access information regarding PITC) in our infant room; supporting family relationships and helping babies feel safe and secure. Every infant has an assigned primary caregiver to make the child gets the comfort and attention that he/she deserves. Continuity care is where it starts in the infant room, where the teacher will build a trusting relationship between the infant and their family. Baby signs are taught in the Rainbow Room in order for the caregiver and infant to be able to communicate with one another. We also use creative curriculum to focus on routines and experiences for our older infants and toddlers.


The Apple Room: Two-Year-Olds

Apple Room  

Apple Room  

The Apple Room is a room of discovery and developing of minds where children are interested in everything and ready to learn. At two-years-old, a child will move up to the Apple Room with his/her trusted continuity teacher. A preschool-based Creative Curriculum (Click to access information regarding Creative Curriculum) is used to help the developing two-year-old minds and enrich language from baby signs to socializing. Outdoor and large-motor play, healthy eating and habits and providing opportunities to use meaningful investigation of their world will also be influenced in this room.


The Neighborhood Room: Three, Four and Five Year Olds

Neighborhood Room

​ Neighborhood Room

The Neighborhood Room encourages children to intellectually examine events and objects around them by using their investigations to suggest, plan and implement activities such as using project approach (click to access information regarding Project Approach). Preschool-based Creative Curriculum is used in this room to engage in meaningful extended conversations and discussions with peers and adults. Developing self-control, helping others solve problems, gaining confidence in overcoming obstacles, facing setbacks, and solving problems are also focuses in the Neighborhood Room.