Program Entry Requirements

Complete an application, satisfy the assessment requirement and attend any required information/ registration session. Students start any term.

DHS criminal history record checks will be completed on each student. Criminal convictions or documented history of abuse will prevent students from participating in practicum and participation experiences. Students unable to complete these classes will not receive a degree in Early Childhood Education.

Graduation Requirements

To earn an Early Childhood Education AS Degree, a student must complete the standard core requirements for the degree plus the Early Childhood Education program required courses and options and maintain a 2.5 grade point average.

Recommended Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrate responsibility and dependability on the job.
  • Make quick decisions and stay calm.
  • Plan and carry out imaginative, creative activities for children.
  • Demonstrate skill in guiding and disciplining children.
  • Establish relationships with children and their parents.
  • Work cooperatively with other staff members.
  • Use good written and oral communication skills.
  • Be physically able to perform required care of children.

Recommended High School Courses

Composition, Speech, Algebra I, Algebra II, Applied Math, Biology, Health Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Art, Home Economics, Keyboarding