Diploma Courses

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Below are the courses required for the Diesel Technology - Diploma. If you would like to find out when a course is offered, use our Search and Find tool under Courses and Programs on DMACC's main site.

Diesel Technology - Diploma Courses

Course #Course NameDescriptionCredits
DSL 356 Diesel Engines IInstruction provided in the technical and non-technical aspects of diesel engines. This information will give the students the basic understanding needed to continue in the Diesel Mechanic program.6
DSL 366 Diesel Engines IIInstruction in diagnosing problems and the nature of repairs needed. Information on preventative measures to eliminate failures. Prerequisite: DSL3566
MAT772*Applied Math A course in elementary mathematical skills for technicians. Topics covered include fundamental operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and signed numbers; percents; geometric figures and basic constructions; area and volume formulas; English/Metric systems; measurements; and the interpretation of graphs and charts.3
DSL546Power Trains IClass and lab activities in the design and operation of drive train components including clutches, manual transmissions, drive lines, rear axles, and wheel bearings.6
DSL605Hydraulics and BrakesThe study of basic mobile hydraulics. Introduces principles, components, fluid systems and circuits of hydraulic systems. Vehicle braking includes study of hydraulic and air brake systems.5
DSL145Basic ElectricityAn introduction to basic electricity and electronic principles that apply to diesel powered equipment. Systems and components covered include starting, charging, lighting and accessories.5
DSL733Air ConditioningA course on basic air conditioning theory and design. Emphasis will be placed on various system controls and on service operations.3
DSL830Operation and MaintenanceInstruction in the proper methods of maintaining all equipment. Safety will be emphasized.5
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COM703*Communication SkillsReading, writing, speaking, and listening are studied as methods of exploring and evaluating technological advances in trades and industry. Adapting communication for different audiences, evaluating industry-related literature, and basic business writing are emphasized.3
ENG105*Composition I Designed to help students read and write effectively. Exploration of the relationship of audience to writer and material. Emphasis on developing concrete detail to support main ideas. Prerequisite: Satisfactory writing skills 3
Total credits required to complete the diploma:42

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