About the Culinary Arts Program

Culinary StudentsDMACC's Culinary Arts program will prepare you for your life as a culinary professional.

When you graduate from our program, you'll have graduated from one of the finest culinary arts programs in the country. Accredited by the American Culinary Federation, the DMACC Culinary Arts program will give you the culinary foundation with an international flavor that will give you right start on your career.

To be accepted into the Culinary Arts program, you must complete the first three scholastic terms at DMACC. When you've finished your fourth and fifth terms, you'll receive your Culinary Arts AAS degree.

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Come see for yourself what is waiting for you at Des Moines Area Community College Culinary Arts program.

Some of the best things about the Des Moines Area Community College Culinary Arts program are:

  • instruction from faculty chefs in a host of culinary specialties, nutrition, food preparation and other facets of culinary arts
  • small classes that focus on each student
  • an education that will give you a well-rounded business knowledge experience in all aspects of restaurant management and staff management
  • a staff and faculty that will give you personal, professional and career support, while a student and long after you've graduated.

Start aiming for your life's calling and reach your career goals at DMACC's Culinary Arts program. Contact us to find how you can start your career in the arts for a lifetime.