About the Program

If you are interested in being in a challenging, hands-on technical career that rewards you with great money and benefits, you are in the right place. What kind of work will you do? You'll be diagnosing mechanical & functional failures, removing, repairing and installing various components from diesel equipment and much, much more.

This unique program offers you specialized training to become a diesel technician and the possible opportunity for immediate employment upon completion with Ziegler, one of the largest Caterpillar Dealers in the United States. Visit Ziegler's site to view their dealer locations. There's no obligation, however, to work for Ziegler.

While the cost of your education at DMACC is affordable, you may also qualify for scholarships and part-time employment at Ziegler ​while you are in school.

Part-Time Employment

Part-time employment is available to students that are sponsored by Ziegler. These are paid positions that will expose you to current industry equipment and environment.

Full-Time Employment

Although there are no guarantees, as an industry sponsored student your opportunity for full-time employment upon completion of this program will be greatly increased by the specialized CAT course work and valuable on-the-job work experience who will receive.

Browse through the program courses. Your classes will have a strong emphasis on Caterpillar equipment to prepare you for this specialized field in diesel technology.

Here are some thing you should consider about this program as a career choice:

  • Graduates may be moved into management positions.
  • Some positions require a Class A CDL license.
  • There is a minimum investment in tools.
  • Graduates will usually be required to serve two or three years as a Caterpillar technician apprentice before attaining journeyman status.
  • Possess a strong personal commitment to succeed as a Caterpillar technician.
  • Average starting salary-anticipated $40,180 (2010-2011 Placement Report).

After completing the CAT Technology program, you'll be prepared for a career in Caterpillar equipment repair. Here are some examples of the type of work that you'll do:

  • Diagnose mechanical and functional failures in Caterpillar equipment.
  • Remove, repair and install various components from Caterpillar equipment.
  • Diagnose and repair electrical and hydraulic systems in Caterpillar equipment.
  • Modify existing machinery to improve or adapt from its original design.
  • Make recommendations concerning the repair and maintenance of Caterpillar machinery.
  • Order parts and submit repair bills and estimates for the repair of Caterpillar machinery.
  • Use special tools and equipment to diagnose the condition of Caterpillar machines, systems and components.
  • Plan and organize work requested to repair Caterpillar equipment.
  • Use computers to retrieve information and service Caterpillar equipment.

Program Requirements

If you are still in high school, we recommend that you take the following courses to help prepare for this program:

  • Speech
  • Algebra I
  • Applied Math
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • General Business
  • Industrial Arts

Program Entry Requirements

You can start any term and will need to do the following:

Graduation Requirements

To earn a CAT Technology degree, you must complete all course work as prescribed and maintain a 2.0 grade point average.