Business Administration Graduate Survey

As a DMACC graduate of the Business Administration program, we need you to tell us the "good and the bad" of the program. DMACC continually strives to improve the content and substance of our program to stay relevant with changing times and technology. We know we are doing GREAT things here at DMACC but we need you to confirm it by answering the enclosed survey. If there is something we need to do to improve, we want to know that too.

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Congratulations to Mike Haldeman - winner of the $50 Gift Certificate for participating in the past survey.

New Student Survey - Business Administration Program

Please complete this survey if you are currently enrolled in BUS 102, Introduction to Business.

»The survey is now closed

The purpose of this survey is to obtain a better understanding of you and your educational goals. Your responses to these survey items will be treated confidentially. Your answers will be part of a general report and individual responses will not be identified.

Please contact Susan Mitchell, if you have any questions or problems completing this survey.

Business Administration Employer Survey

The Business Administration program of Des Moines Area Community College is interested in your views and opinions concerning the needs of future graduates from this program and how the college can better service those needs. Please take a few moments to complete the following survey. We value your input. All the data will be confidential and released only in summary form. If, in your opinion, this survey could better be completed by someone else, please direct that person to this link.