Applicant Checklist

‚ÄčThese are the procedures an applicant must successfully complete to become accepted as a PACT student. Check off each step when completed.

  • Complete the DMACC Application for Admissions and return it to the Admissions office. Call 515-964-6545 for application materials.

  • All prospective PACT candidates must successfully complete the minimum test scores before they can be accepted into the PACT program. Contact the Assessment Center at the Ankeny Campus at 515-964-6595 to schedule your testing appointment.

  • Once you've completed the pre-acceptance tests, schedule a personal interview with the PACT Program Chairperson, or faculty member. At the interview you will go over your test scores, program requirements, the Candidate Information Form, the internship forms, and your goals as an PACT student at DMACC and in a Honda dealership or shop.

  • Schedule an appointment for an interview with a dealer or service manager in your participating Honda dealership. Take the Candidate Information Form to your interview. It is the student's responsibility to locate his/her own employer, and you must be employed by a Honda dealership or shop to be in the PACT program. Students experiencing difficulty in locating an employer should contact the PACT Program Chairperson.

  • After a dealer agrees to employ you, return the completed Employment Agreement Form to the PACT Program Chair.

  • Students will receive a letter of acceptance to the college after all pre-acceptance requirements are complete. You will then be notified as to the date of registration for classes.