About this Program

​If you have the desire to be a part of one of the largest automobile manufactures in the world, then DMACC can help you get there. Honda PACT will give you the skills you need to be qualified to enter the Honda dealer network.

In a 2-year Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) program you'll learn to maintain, diagnose and repair one of the world's most popular brand of automobiles. Successful graduates have the opportunity to earn 10 Honda certifications all taught by Honda certified instructors, and the ability to earb at least 2 ASE certifications through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. You will learn the skills and gain the experience valued by Honda dealerships.

Honda PACT students tackle electrical fundamentals, engines, steering and suspension, and more. You will also be exposed to the standards, and operations and procedures used at Honda dealerships. These programs and more are available for active students who meet the pre-requisite requirements.

Program Entry Requirements

To be eligible for the PACT Program, applicants must:

  1. Complete an application for admission.
  2. Attend any required information/registration session.
  3. Complete the following assessments:
  • Reading Next-Generation ACCUPLACER test
  • Writing (Language) Next-Generation ACCUPLACER test
  • Math (Numeric) ALEKS placement
  • Mechanical Reasoning test 

Dealer Sponsorship

​​The Honda PACT Program gives students in-depth training in the knowledge and variety of skills needed to become thoroughly familiar with Honda technology and service procedures. During this time, students form a strong bond with both the product and their sponsoring dealership. This translates into the kind of loyalty that will help the student become a valuable and lasting member of a Honda service staff.

Honda PACT applicants are screened to ensure they have the aptitude for the trade. Training costs are reduced because students graduate with 60% of the training credits needed to achieve Master Technician status. Once your Honda PACT partnership is established, the relationship between the dealership and the school ensures the technician will be compatible with your dealership. That compatibility saves you valuable time interviewing, and reduces advertising costs.​

Program Benefits

​While in the Honda PACT Program students will be required to complete an internship at a Honda dealership within the surrounding area. This invaluable experience will give students the opportunity to apply what they learned in the Honda PACT Program to real life scenarios all while earning extra money.

When you become a Honda PACT graduate, you will have classroom knowledge, hands-on training, have worked in a Honda dealership, and have earned highly respected credentials. That's why Honda PACT graduates are in such high demand!​