About This Program

​The (Automotive Service Education Program) ASEP program is a partnership program between DMACC and General Motors. It is designed to train and employ the industry's best automotive technicians.​

​ASEP is a two-year program and graduates earn an AAS degree. Students rotate class time and internship at their sponsoring dealership or PSC (Professional Service Center) shop. During the internship, students receive hourly wages and pay increases based on performance.

Class size is limited to maintain a good instructor-to-student ratio. Quality candidates who apply early are chosen first. This program is offered at the Ankeny Campus only.

Program Schedule

The program lasts five semesters. Half the time is spent attending classes at DMACC. The remaining time spent as an intern in the employing GM dealership or PSC shop. Each specialized subject is taught in DMACC classrooms and laboratories for a specific number of weeks. This academic training is then followed by related, supervised work experience with dealership personnel. For example, your first group of classes will involve the last 8 weeks of the fall semester and the first 8 weeks of the spring semester at DMACC followed by 16 weeks interning at your dealership or PSC shop. You will then return to DMACC for 12 weeks of training followed by another 18 weeks of internship. You then return to DMACC for a final 8 weeks of training before graduation. A list of tasks, related closely to the course work completed at DMACC is used at the dealership to identify needed work experience.


Since considerable time is spent at the dealership, it is a requirement of the program that, each student, be employed by a General Motors dealership or PSC shop. It is the prospective student's responsibility to locate their own GM dealer/employer.

Program Benefits

Unlike conventional programs where the student goes to college and then secures a job, at DMACC, the ASEP student secures an employer before starting the program. This program requires much effort on the part of the student. However, the benefits are worth the effort.

ASEP students learn the skills necessary for entry into a highly skilled profession along with the opportunity to practice and develop these skills with a considerable amount of on-the-job training. ASEP helps to develop the diagnostic skills with a considerable amount of on-the-job training. ASEP helps to develop the diagnostic skills needed to work on today's automobile and start a career as a GM dealer service technician.

Student Wages

One of the most frequently asked questions by dealers is what to pay their ASEP students. Pay rates are negotiated between the student and their dealerships. As a guide, rates for students on internships have run between $7/hr up to $11/hr. In some cases, dealers are also helping the student with school expenses.