Since 1999, The DMACC Dallas County Farm, north of Adel has provided DMACC Agribusiness students hands-on, real world experience. If you see the big yellow barn, you know you've found the DMACC Farm.

DMACC Agribusiness students have weekly labs that coincide with normal farm operations such as planting, harvesting, daily animal care, and everything in-between. Two student interns are selected per semester to assist the farm coordinator with the day-to-day activities.

The farm sits on 325 acres including; 100 acres of corn, 100 acres of soybeans, and the remainder of pasture and hay ground. In addition to the crop ground, the farm also houses a cow/calf operation consisting of 60 pairs and a swine operation consisting of approximately 20 sows. In both livestock operations, the offspring are born on the farm and raised to a market weight with the assistance and insight from students. Rations include grains and forages produced on farm with the exception of small amounts of distiller's grains, vitamins, and minerals. Animals are free of growth implants and antibiotics are used only if medically necessary.

The Agribusiness Farm harvests and processes its meat locally at Kirkpatrick Locker in Winterset, Iowa. Beef can be purchased by the quarter, half, or whole. Pork can be purchased by the half or whole.

arial picture of DMACC farm