Degrees & Certificates

DMACC Agribusiness students have weekly lectures at FFA Enrichment Center and farm labs at Dallas County Farm that coincide with normal farm operations such as planting, harvesting, daily animal care, and everything in-between. Farm labs take place in the Fall and Summer semesters. The spring semester is a condensed, shortened term in which classes take place in the FFA Enrichment Center, but students are released for spring internships at approximately the end of March. Students may apply and interview for an internship working at the DMACC Dallas County Farm or find another business to work of their interest within the Agribusiness industry.‚Äč

Agribusiness Degree

The DMACC Agribusiness program is a comprehensive Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree that prepares students for the rapidly expanding food, fiber and natural resources industry.

Within this program students learn agronomy, animal science, farm management and agricultural supply and service. 

In addition to earning the Agribusiness AAS, students can also focus their training and credentials through certificates of specialization.

The Agribusiness degree offers students transfer opportunities to several four-year institutions. Students should visit with program instructors and advisors for information regarding transfer to four-year institutions and their specific program requirements.

Agribusiness Certificates of Specialization

Certificates of specialization can be earned as part of the AAS degree or earned separately for students looking for additional career advancement or specialized training in the following areas: