Business and Technology Goals and Vision


Recognize the dignity, integrity, and uniqueness of each student.

Provide opportunities for each student to experience success, become responsible learners, and meet course and program competencies.

Encourage lifelong learning.

Help the growth of our program through the following:

  • Marketing and meeting the business needs of the communities,
  • Developing effective relationships with employers and schools,
  • Maintaining a quality staff,
  • Encouraging staff development,
  • Continual assessment of programs.

Provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all students.

Help students understand the importance of the role of an office professional and provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate the competencies listed below:

  • Work place basics
  • Appropriate workplace behavior and ethical behavior
  • Communication skills
  • Professional appearance

Vision Statement:

We envision the Business & Technology Department as a continually evolving, cutting-edge department. Courses offered in our department are vital for all career choices and open to all individuals seeking training/retraining. We will continue to promote a learner-centered climate through flexible training offerings that will meet the needs of the students and communities.