ADM105—Introduction to Keyboarding Challenge Test

​​​Contact instructor Christina Turner at (515) 964-6884 or cltur​​ to discuss the Introduction to Keyboarding Challenge Test.

To begin the process to take the challenge test for ADM 105, please fill out and submit the challenge test form.  Once all steps have been completed, you will be contacted about setting up a time to take the challenge test.

Directions for filling out and submitting the form.​


The student may have up to 15 minutes to warm up on the equipment and to become familiar with the testing procedures. The student will be given two timed writings to use for the warm up on both the alphanumeric keys and the numeric keypad. No backspace is allowed on the typing portion of the test. All keying must be done using the touch method which requires correct fingering and not looking at the keyboard. The Keyboarding Challenge Test consists of two sections: (1) 3-minute timed writing test and (2) 10-key numeric keypad test. Each part will be graded independently, and the student must successfully pass BOTH parts to pass the challenge test.

Evaluating Section I: Keyboarding

The first part of the ADM 105 challenge test is a 3-minute timed writing. The student will be given two chances to pass the 3 minute timed writing using Keyboarding Pro Deluxe. The student must key at a minimum of rate of 30 nwpm after a deduction of 2 words per minute per error. The student cannot look at the keyboard or use the Backspace key.

Evaluating Section II: Numeric Keypad

The second part of the ADM105 challenge test is using the numeric keypad.

To successfully pass this part of the challenge test, the student must use the correct fingering for each key and not look at the keyboard. The student must demonstrate proficiency by keying two numeric sets of 10 numbers with 100% accuracy. The student must demonstrate that he or she is not dependent upon using the backspace key while keying the numbers. The student will be given three chances to achieve 100% accuracy on both totals in one set. 


Students with the necessary skill to take the ADM 105 Challenge Test should practice typing and using the 10-key pad with the touch method.