ADM131—Office Calculators Challenge Test

​​​​Contact instructor Christina Turner at (515) 964-6884 or to discuss the Office Calculators Challenge Test.

View a sample test and take a practice timing.

To begin the process to take the ​challenge test for ADM 131, please fill out and submit the challenge test form​. Once all steps have been completed, you will be contacted about setting up a time to take the challenge test.

Directions for filling out and submitting the form.​​


The Office Calculators Challenge Test consists of two sections.

Section I consists of two 5-minute timing tests, and Section II consists of solving various math problems from the business world using a printing calculator.

Section I of the ADM 131 Office Calculators Challenge Test consists of two 5 minute timings using the 10-key touch method, which requires not looking at your hand. The net keystrokes per minute (NKSPM) for the timing grade is determined by the speed and number of errors using the information below. A minimum of "B-" after the deduction for errors is required to pass this section. After a short practice period, two five (5)-minute timings will be administered. Tapes from both timings are to be submitted; one timing must meet the requirements.

Speed and Accuracy Picture Speed
A = 176+
B = 136-175

0-3 errors (No drop in grade)
4-6 errors (Drop 1/2 grade)

The student must pass Section I with a minimum grade of B- in order to proceed to Section II.

Section II of the challenge test consists of 91 math problems including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, constants, payroll, invoicing, checkbook balancing, proration, percent and percentage, discount calculation, net price calculation, chain discount, finance charge, negative division and multiplication, and daily sales average. One hour is allowed for the completion of Section II. In order to pass this section, the student must score a minimum of 80%.


See the sample test link above for possible types of questions. Use the Speed and Accuracy Drill to practice for the 5-minute timed writing.