Challenge Tests

​​​Challenge test procedures are currently being revised. ​


Students who have met the entrance requirements of the College and who are matriculating in a program of study leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate may take locally constructed departmental examinations for credit when the department feels the student has the necessary preparation. By taking the challenge test the student is only satisfying the prerequisites needed to enroll in more advanced courses that require the course challenged as a prerequisite. Passing a challenge test does not relinquish the student's responsibility for the actual course content. When the student enrolls in more advanced courses, instructors will assume that the student will have a working knowledge of every competency covered in the course, even if that competency is not specifically evaluated on the examination.


A student may attempt to challenge test a course only once and may not use the test as a course retake. A challenge test cannot be taken if the course is a prerequisite to a course that the student has already successfully completed. The credit(s) earned by passing the challenge test is entered on a student's permanent record when that student has earned 12 credit hours at DMACC. A "T" grade is earned and is not included when computing grade point average. The exam must be completed by the last day to drop classes for that semester (see the DMACC Academic Calendar).

Course Competencies

Students can obtain a copy of the course competencies here.


A stud​ent wishing to attempt a challenge test will need to submit the challenge test form.  Links to the form and the directions are found below.
To begin the process to take the ​challenge test for ADM 105 or ADM 131, please fill out and submit the challenge test form. Once all steps have been completed, you will be contacted about setting up a time to take the challenge test.



For more information on the ADM 105 and ADM 131 challenge tests, please click on the links below: