Make your internship the start of your professional career! Often times, during your internship, your employer is evaluating you as a potential candidate for a full-time position within the organization. Therefore, as part of the process of choosing an internship location, ask yourself, "If asked, would this company be a good fit for me in terms of long-time employment?" Take a moment to watch the following video. The video was created by Administrative & Medical Office (formerly BTEC) students who have completed internships. They want your internship experience to be as productive as was theirs!



The semester before your internship, contact the Administrative & Medical Office professor in charge of internships. Have a conversation with the professor about points brought out in the video:

  • Which employers would give you a solid office experience (which you can include on your resume as experience).
  • Which employers offer the potential of full-time employment.
  • Which employer would be the best fit for your lifestyle and your goals.

Your internship instructor can help you think through the many factors to consider. As the saying goes, "don't delay--start today" to think about the successful conclusion of your program as a student at DMACC in the Administrative & Medical Office Department!