Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification is a way to gauge your proficiency in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint or Outlook. In order to obtain certification, you must take a certification exam. In order to obtain certification, you must earn 70% or better on each certification exam.

  • Certification exams are available at the Urban Testing Center‚Äč.
  • DMACC, in conjunction with the Governor of Iowa STEM initiative, is providing the resources you need--at no cost if you're a DMACC credit student or employee--to study for and to take the MOS exams.
  • MOS certification preparation is a good way to truly become more software proficient so that you can maximize your understanding and use of the software, especially in an on-the-job environment.
  • MOS certification says "I went the extra mile" to demonstrate my skills in support of my professional career.
  • MOS certification will boost your self-confidence.

Note: To access the following MOS FAQs and Start Training study resources, you must be a current student or employee, and you must be signed in to the DMACC network.

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What is Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

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