Accounting: Specialized Training

Accounting is an essential function for small businesses. DMACC offers three certificates to work in specialized areas of accounting.​

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  • Prepares entrepreneurs for the accounting skills needed in a small business.
  • Provides training in payroll, spreadsheet analysis, and budgets.
  • Become proficient in computer accounting packages including QuickBooks, Peachtree/Sage, and Excel.
  • Perfect for employers who need employees for small business accounting functions.
  • Complete in two semesters.

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  • Prepares you for the IRS tax preparer examination.
  • Trains you to be a tax preparer and/or work for an accounting professional who prepares taxes.

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  • Provides you skills in federal and state tax rules and regulations.
  • Prepares you to interpret pension plans, benefit plans, garnishments, and stock options.
  • Equips you to pass the Fundamental Payroll Certification exam administered by American Payroll Association.

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