Take Accounting 131 and 132 at DMACC this Spring

Top three advantages of taking Accounting at DMACC:

1. Cost! 

DMACC has the lowest tuition in the state.

2. Transferability

DMACC ACC 131 and 132 classes have a high degree of transferability to all universities in Iowa.

  • ISU, UNI, Drake and Simpson students: Each class transfers individually 
  • Iowa students: ACC 131 and 132 transfer as a package
  • Check with other schools not listed for transferability.

3. Take classes either fully online or in a virtual classroom

Take the class from your bedroom or anywhere!

What's the difference? Look for the class location to make sure you choose the correct class type for you:

  • Online Blackboard Collaborate - Also called Virtual Classroom. This type of class has set class times where you connect virtually and your professor gives a live lecture. You can interact with your professor, classmates, and ask questions.
  • Online Blackboard-WEB - This is a fully Online Course without a live instructor where you work at your own pace. 
  • Web Blended-WEB - This a blend of the two above class types. Part is taught virtually by the instructor, and part is taught online with no instructor present.

Don't wait - classes are filling up. Spring semester starts January 11, 2021.

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