Why Choose a Career in Accounting?

5 Fast Facts about Accounting:

Fact: Job Growth is 11% through 2022.
Source: US Bureau of Statistics

Fact: Every business uses Accounting.

Fact: Accounting is a recession-proof career. Why?

  • A recession hits: Hire Accountants to cut cost.
  • A growth period: Hire Accountants to figure out how to make more money.

Fact: Accountants make great money

Fact: You'll find jobs in your backyard. Central Iowa is an international financial services and insurance hub. This equates to many Accounting jobs.

The DMACC Difference

Why choose DMACC for your education?

Tuition Comparison​​
  • Transferability to State and Private Schools
  • Class size and Instructor Contact
    1. 30 student class size vs. 300 student class size
    2. Professors have real-life experience in the industry and are focused on teaching, not research
  • Flexibility in scheduling, campus locations and delivery
  • Cost Savings
    Complet​ing your first two years at DMACC would save you an average of $8,144 compared to a four-year public school and $51,708 compared to a private college.

​Source: Iowa College Student Aid Commission  ​

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