Fitness & Sports Management

The Fitness and Sports Management program is an AS transfer degree designed to prepare students for a Fitness Management, Sports Management, and/or Health program at a four-year school. Graduates from the program may also be able to find entry-level positions at parks and recreation departments, YMCA/YWCAs, private health clubs, golf courses, schools, hospitals or other facility management positions. The program was revamped in 2004 from the previous program of Exercise Science.

The degree Fitness and Sports Management is on its eleventh year at DMACC. Students take classes within three emphasis areas: Fitness Management, Sports Management, or Health. Students continue on to a four-year school or begin their career in the field. While preparing for their degrees, a number of certifications for the students are also available.

Jennifer Spry-Knutson is the current Chair of the Fitness & Sports Management program. She wrote and developed the degree in 2004 while coordinating with colleges and universities in the state. The goal of the program is to provide practical knowledge and theories in the field of fitness and sports management as well as excellent hands-on experience.

The primary goal of the Exercise Science Program as established in 2000 was to provide a two-year curriculum with a scientific foundation, which had application to professions related to exercise science. It was established as an AS degree intended for students transferring to a four-year institution with programs in exercise and sports science as well as other related fields in health and human performance.

While developing the program, there was also a need to establish a coaching authorization program at DMACC. With the need of coaches to coach in the middle school- and high school-level sports in the state of Iowa and the increased number of non-teachers coaching, the 55-Hour Two-Weekend Coaching Authorization Course was developed. In July 2006, the first Two-Weekend Coaching Authorization Course was offered and continues to be offered with record enrollment.

Currently, the Fitness & Sports Management program continues to work on transfer plans with Iowa State University's Department of Kinesiology, Grand View University's Department of Business, with emphasis in Sport Management and in the fall of 2016 with the University of Iowa in Sports Management.