The Pioneers, formed in 1994, are a group of retired DMACC employees, who remain active in DMACC events and provide service and support to the College through special projects and activities, including raising money for scholarships for DMACC students. The Pioneers meet monthly.

Executive Board
President* Lyla Maynard
Vice President* Duane Anderson
Past President* Dee Johnson
Secretary* Shirley Muehlenthaler
Treasurer* Warren Pitcher
Board Members
College Liaison  
Student Assistance Linda Fernandez
Student Assistance Mike Perry
Hospitality Dee Johnson
Garage Sale Marcia Johnson
Programs Verlyn Nori
Membership Kathy Lawyer
Garage Sale: Pioneer Trucking Harlan Giese
Garage Sale: Pick Up Larry Clausen, Lee Johnson, Denny Hansen, al Wyckoff
Garage Sale: Setup Mike Perry
Garage Sale: Pricing: Linda Fernandez
Garage Sale: Pricing Assistance Mary Doidge, Bonnie McBee, Sandi Wurster, Gloria Trager,Alice Bergstromand you can help too!
Garage Sale: Publicity Dee Johnson
Garage Sale: Sale Manager Marcia Johnson (and a cast of thousands)
Graphic Design Dee Johnson
History Carol Bennett
Team: Breck Danner, Dee Johnson, Shirley Muhlenthaler, Verlin Noring, Mike Perry
Hospitality Carolyn Hildreth
Membership Gloria Trager
Programs April Arbuckle
Scholarships Breck Danner
Student Assistance ASK ME: Mike Perry
Pamela's Pantry: Mike Perry
FOOD Baskets: Linda Fernandez