Current Credit Schedule

Emergency Medical Services

CRNCourse #SecCreditsTitleSeats AvailWL CapWL ActWL RemDaysStart TimeEnd TimeInstructorStart DateEnd DateLocationCost
26733EMS214P16Emergency Medical Technician
This class is delivered via a virtual classroom at the specified days/time. A computer or tablet with webcam/video, microphone, and reliable internet connection are required. A Face-to-Face component is also expected, it is listed on the course with the anticipated meeting dates and location. Prerequisite: High School Diploma or GED, American Red Cross BLS (Basic Life Support)Card or American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) Card, 17 years of age
7000 T 07:45AM09:15AMPitts,Jessi01/19/2101/19/21Perry VanKirk Center-208Tuition
WRF 07:45AM09:15AMPitts,Jessi02/03/2102/05/21Perry VanKirk Center-208
RF 07:45AM09:15AMPitts,Jessi02/11/2102/12/21Perry VanKirk Center-208
WR 07:45AM09:15AMPitts,Jessi02/24/2102/25/21Perry VanKirk Center-208
M 07:45AM09:15AMPitts,Jessi03/15/2103/22/21Perry VanKirk Center-208
MTWRF 07:45AM09:15AMPitts,Jessi04/09/2104/15/21Perry VanKirk Center-208
MTWRF 07:45AM09:15AMPitts,Jessi04/19/2104/30/21Perry VanKirk Center-208
TWR 07:45AM09:15AMPitts,Jessi05/04/2105/06/21Perry VanKirk Center-208


NO TELEPHONE, WEB OR MAIL-IN REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED. See details below for the welding program at your campus. ANKENY:Students must contact advisor, Susan Stewart at 515-965-7186 to schedule specific times and dates for each class. CARROLL: Contact 712-792-1755 Kristina Whitver-Soyer for program and registration information. NEWTON: Contact 641-791-3622 for program information. PERRY: Contact 515-428-8100 or Mary Ocker at 515-964-6517 for program and registration information. SOUTHRIDGE: Contact Karen Webb at 515-287-8700 for program and registration information.

CRNCourse #SecCreditsTitleSeats AvailWL CapWL ActWL RemDaysStart TimeEnd TimeInstructorStart DateEnd DateLocationCost
22760WEL228P11Welding Safety/Health: SENSE1
6000 06:00PM10:00PMStaff,*01/19/2102/01/21Perry VanKirk Center- Tuition
26722WEL233P13Print Read/Sym Inter: SENSE1
Corequisite: Any DMACC AAS MAT, ELT & BUS course.
7000M W 06:00PM10:10PMVon Behren,James02/03/2103/10/21Perry VanKirk Center- Tuition
21677WEL251P12GTAW Carbon Steel: SENSE1
Please contact Mary at 515-428-8100 to register. Prerequisite/Corequisite: WEL 228
8000M W 06:00PM10:10PMHunt,Robert03/15/2105/03/21Perry VanKirk Center-105Tuition
22843WEL262P22OFC-I Manual & Mech: SENSE1
Prerequisite/Corequisite: WEL 228.
8000 T R 06:00PM10:10PMStaff,*02/02/2103/30/21Perry VanKirk Center- Tuition
Please contact Perry Center 515-428-8100 to register.
8000 T R 06:00PM10:10PMStaff,*03/25/2104/20/21Perry VanKirk Center- Tuition
Prerequisite/Corequisite: WEL 228, WEL 274
815015 T R 06:00PM10:10PMStaff,*02/02/2104/22/21Perry VanKirk Center- Tuition