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Kam Klaver, Academic Advisor  
DMACC Perry VanKirk
Office: 515-428-8101

These classes provide area high school students with excellent educational opportunities. Registration in these courses is handled by local guidance counselors and principals.

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Academic Courses
Intro to Psych (PSY111) 3 credits
Career Exploration (SDV130) ​1 credit
Study Strategies (SDV115) ​2 credits
​U.S. History since 1877 (HIS153) ​4 credits
​Intro to Computers (CSC110) ​3 credits
Developmental Psych (PSY121) 3 credits
Intro to Literature (LIT101) 3 credits
Comp I (ENG105) 3 credits
Comp II (ENG106) 3 credits
Fund of Oral Communication (SPC101) 3 credits

Automotive Technology
​Year 1:
Intro to Auto Tech 1 (AUT111) ​6 credits
​Intro to Auto Tech 2 (AUT112) ​6 credits
​Year 2:
Automotive Engine Repair (AUT163) 3 credits
​Auto Electrical I (AUT601) ​3 credits
​Auto Electrical II (AUT612) ​4 credits

Criminal Justice
Intro to Crim Justice (CRJ100) 3 credits
Theories of Interviewing (CRJ109) 3 credits
Criminal & Constitutional Law (CRJ237) 3 credits
Criminal Investigation I (CRJ141) 3 credits
Crime Scene Investigation (CRJ195) 4 credits

General Business
Intro to Business (BUS102) ​3 credits
Study Strategies (SDV115) ​2 credits
Small Business Management (BUS148) 3 credits
Human Relations in Business (MGT145) 3 credits
Intro to International Bus. (BUS220) ​3 credits

Project Lead the Way
Intro to Eng. Design (EGT400) 3 credits
Principles of Engineering (EGT410) 3 credits
Digital Electronics (EGT420) 3 credits
Digital & Computer Electronics Lab (NET145) ​3 credits
Civil Engineering & Architecture (EGT460) 3 credits

Ag Business
Survey of the Animal Industry (AGS113) 3 credits
Human Relations in Business (MGT145) 3 credits
Principles of Agronomy (AGA114) 3 credits
Agribusiness Management  (AGB331) 3 credits

Health Occupations
Medical Terminology (HSC120) 3 credits
Intro to Health Careers (HSC109) 3 credits
Nurse Aide 75 Hours (HSC172) 3 credits
Advanced Nurse Aide (HSC182) 3 credits


Office/Clinic Support Assistant Certificate
Intro to Keyboarding (ADM105) 1 credits
Office Essentials (ADM101) 1 credits
Medical Office Essentials (MAP106) 2 credits
Career Development Skills (ADM221) 2 credits
​Intro to Computer Business Apps. (BCA212) ​3 credits

Teacher Academy
Intro to Education (EDU213) 3 credits
Career Exploration (SDV130) 1 credit
Initial Field Experience (EDU218) 2 credits
Electronic Portfolio Devt (SDV164) 2 credits

OXY Fuel Weld/Cutt (WEL120) 2 credits
ARC Welding (WEL150) 2 credits
ARC Welding II (WEL165) 3 credits
ARC Welding III (WEL166) 2 credits