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Parent Resources

Welcome, DMACC parents. Following are some tips to help you ensure your new DMACC student has a positive college experience.

Encourage your student to keep the phone number and email address of his/her academic advisor and counselor and continue to seek advice through his/her academic career.

Make sure your student keeps the Registrar's Office informed of address changes for both local addresses and mailing addresses.

Warn your student not to apply for every credit card offered. Credit card companies prey upon college students.

Encourage your student to accept responsibility and become his/her own problem solver.

Encourage your student to get involved on campus. Involvement and academic success go hand in hand.

Don't be surprised if your student changes his/her mind and career interests. College is a student's opportunity to explore, grow and develop his/her individual interests and values.

Ask your student for a copy of his/her schedule each semester.

Let your student know that you support him/her and that you are always available to listen.