Online Learning at DMACC

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​E​du​cation at the speed of life

Imagine taking classes at your favorite coffee s​hop, or at home on the couch. Earn a degree, certificate, or credits while on your lunch break at work, or after putting the kids to bed.

DMACC online classes offers quality, accredited education on your schedule with the lowest tuition and fees in the state of Iowa.​​

Why DMACC Online?


Classic, accelerated and late-start online options.


The ability to take classes anywhere, on your schedule.


The lowest tuition and fees in Iowa

Quality Instruction

Caring professors ​and smal​l classes.

Nationally Accredited

Fully accredited since 1974

Types of Online C​lasses


These classes offer you the ability to earn college credit anywhere, on your schedule.
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Continuing Education

Our non-credit classes have online options.
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Accelerated or late-start online

The same quality instruction at a faster pace. DMACC on Demand classes last between 5 to 15 weeks an have 6 start dates a year.
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Career Advantage

We offer free classes to high school students onl​ine.
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Earn your degree, diploma, or certificate online​

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