Online Blackboard Orientation

One key factor in your success as an online student is knowing and understanding how to use the learning management system known as Blackboard. To help you feel comfortable, below are documents that you can save to your computer and videos you can watch with information on how to log into Blackboard, navigate through the system, submit assignments, participate in discussion boards, create blog and journal entries, complete an assessment (also known as an exam, quiz or test), and check your grades.  You can work down through the orientation videos and then log directly into Blackboard, locate the orientation course in Blackboard and practice using the tools.

Where is Blackboard?
How to log into Blackboard and access your online course


Navigating Your Course:
An overview


Using the tools in Blackboard

Assignments: Submitting an Assignment.


Discussion Boards: Everything you need to know about discussion boards.


Blogs: Creating a blog entry


Journals: Creating a journal entry


Assessments: How do I take a test online?


Checking your Grades/My Grades: How to check your grades

Communicating with Your Instructor: Sending Email to Your Instructor


Sending & Reading Messages: How to send and receive messages

I've watched the videos. Now what?
Log into Blackboard and practice using these tools in the Blackboard Orientation Course. If you have questions about logging into Blackboard or any of the tools in Blackboard, please contact DMACC Tech Support.‚Äč