Student Success Online

​Keys to Your Success as an Online Student

First, complete a short survey regarding what determines your success in the online environment.

Now that you have completed the online inventory, let's continue to build your online knowledge even further.

1. What is time management and why is it critical to online success?

2. Organizational skills are keys to success.

Many people, not just those with learning differences, experience difficulty living in an increasingly complex world, with full schedules, and multiple demands on time and energy. You don't have to equate organization with extreme neatness and cleanliness, and therefore feel that you can never be organized. Organization has much more to do with patterns of activity.

Here are some things you can do to support organization:

  • Set up a large master calendar that clearly displays schedules, appointments, and deadlines.
  • Establish habits and routines for school and home activities. Routines reduce stress on memory and a​ttention systems, and establishes lifelong habits which support productivity.
  • Organize essential materials in one place.
  • Allocate time on a regular and frequent basis to get rid of clutter. Identify what is important and what is not.
  • Promote regular, healthy patterns for eating, sleeping, and exercise.
  • The best habits, routines, and systems are flexible, creative, and based on need. Highly planned and rigid schedules may increase anxiety.

From Ennis William Cosby Foundation, 2002

3. Avoid procrastination. This is a habit that may hinder student success in an online course.

4. Find out if you have the five qualities of successful online learners.

5. Use resources that are available at our institution.