Online Course Creation Procedures

DMACC offers to pay instructors $500 per credit for the online portion of a course, if the course has never been taught online before. The following are instructions regarding the Online Course Grant Application Process. All of these forms must be completed and submitted in order to be paid.

Printable version of these instructions

The first order of business for instructors considering teaching or building an online course is to determine if the course has previously been constructed online or is under construction. For a list of DMACC Developed/Under Construction Online Courses, please contact the Distance Learning Office at (515) 964-6422.

You must contact the Distance Learning Director to setup an appointment with your Dean to determine if there is a need for your desired course. Please follow the following procedure:

  1. Complete the Online Course Development Grant Application document (3 pages: includes Course Plan). This documentation must be distributed to the Program Chair, District Chair (if applicable) and Dean/Provost for approval signatures.
  2. Once the course has been approved, a meeting must be scheduled with the Online Course Content Design Plan Team. (This team will include the new instructor, distance learning director, and the district chair or designee.) Contact the Distance Learning Office at 1-800-362-2127 Ext. 6422 to schedule this meeting. Please bring all of the completed paperwork to this meeting.

Prior to initiating work on the course, contact the Distance Learning Office to schedule an appointment with an Instructional Designer. The Instructional Designer will assist you with the following:

  1. Review an Online Course Construction Checklist (updated 11/18/2015).
  2. Enroll in Blackboard training if you have not already.
  3. If you are an adjunct faculty member, you are required to fill out the Adjunct Curriculum Development Grant Time Tracking Sheet as you work on the course. Submit the completed form to Carrie Haefner (, Compliance Coordinator in Human Resources.

After you finish development of the course and before classes begin, proceed as follows:

  1. Meet with an instructional designer to complete the Online Course Construction Checklist (updated 11/18/2015) as you review your new online course.
  2. Complete and obtain approval signatures (Program Chair, District Chair, Dean/Provost) on the Online Course Verification Of Completion.
  3. Deliver the completed Verification form and Checklist to the Distance Learning Office.
  4. The Personnel Action Notice will be completed by the Distance Learning Department.