Course Login

To access your courses, you will need to enter Blackboard, DMACC's learning management system (LMS). To get into Blackboard, you should log in to myDMACC.

  1. Click on the myDMACC button at the top of the DMACC website.
  2. Sign in with your username and password.
    • If you are a new student, you will be emailed your myDMACC username and password within 3 business days after submitting your application. If you have not received your login information by then, contact
    • Your username is the same as your DMACC email address but without
    • If you need help signing in, use the myDMACC Help page or contact
  3. Once you are signed in to myDMACC, click on the Blackboard button.
  4. After entering Blackboard, click Courses in the left menu to access your classes.

Please note, your courses will not appear in Blackboard until 1 day before they start. However, once you are registered for classes, the Blackboard Basics for Students course—where you can learn about Blackboard and practice using its tools—will be available to you 2 weeks before classes start. If you register within the 2 weeks leading up to the beginning of the term, you will have access to the course 48 hours after you register.

If the DMACC network is down and you are not able to access myDMACC, you can try signing in directly to Blackboard at Your username and password for Blackboard are identical to your myDMACC username and password. Please note that Blackboard and myDMACC use the same authentication, so if you change your password in myDMACC, it automatically changes in Blackboard too.